Register and create Android Package file (.apk)

For creating standard Android Package file (.apk) that can be installed and run on Android device without RadBuilder environment, please contact the The Longtion RadBuilder team can convert your RadBuilder app installation file (.radapk) to Android Package file (.apk).

For commercial development, you need the Business License.

For Business License, you can pay the registration fee and get the Serial Number. Just input the Name, Serial and Key to the input boxes.

License Agreement

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using the software. By using this software you indicate that you accept the present license agreement.

Free License:

The Free License is licensed for personal use only. You cannot distribute any of the apps developed with RadBuilder for any purpose that is commercial, organizational or business related. However, you are free to distribute the apps to friends and family.

Business License:

The Business License license agreement allows you to distribute the apps developed with RadBuilder any where for commercial purpose or otherwise. You can develop apps with RadBuilder for personal, business, public and commercial distribution.

Why register:

The apps created by unregistered RadBuilder (Free license) will display banner ads if you share them on other mobile devices.

Register now:

Register for Business License

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